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In case that has already been asked, sorry in advance. I was wondering if overlords could wb games cheat death? After beating one (excluding beheading of course) would it be possible to run into them in the open world? For example, they’re now only a low-level captain, since they failed to defend their fortress and have been ‘marked’ not just from the battle with talion, but by Sauron’s forces for neglecting him. Just a thought.

Strong armies will be increased to march against rivals, while players command their own tiny councils to sabotage their own enemies from inside. Westeros won’t be easy to conquer. Players must shield their Houses from each other in player versus player battles or form a tactical Allegiance as they fight for control of the Seven Kingdoms.”

Every single one in the nemesis system can return, as long as you chop their head off. I recall they said, but cannot recall which video it was.

It is not a cheat, but it’s a bug, but it happened with me, but RJV was the AI. And not me.while performing a particular by error I kept on patting for a different teammate to join, and he failed and took the stab, but I had been using HSSC too, were wrongly used his sp1 while I wished to label somebody else.so I feel this isn’t strictly happening to AI.

1 thing I have seen is ashamed overlord return from the open world, which has happened in one of those live streams I think (cannot recall which) but I honestly can not recall a killed overlord coming back largely because we have not seen a huge amount of what happens after fortress assaults in almost any region.


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