If we talk about laptop, there are many brands of laptops on the market. Because of so many brands, sometimes make us confuse to decide which brand of laptop that we will buy. Now I will give a reference between two laptop brands, they are ASUS and TOSHIBA. Both types of laptops are famous brands. Here’s more information about it.



The Advantages of ASUS:

  • ASUS vendors have been around since the PC Age. So if the affairs of Brand, Asus need not in doubt the quality.
  • ASUSis well-known as one of the best Motherboard Vendors available today.
  • All ASUS Brand Laptops Are equipped with good and qualityVGAs like ATI Redeon and Nvidia. So that’s why ASUS usually used to play the game, because the VGA quality is awesome.
  • ASUS Is A Laptop That Sold In 58 Countries In The World.
  • Getting Many Awards As A Laptop With The Best Durability.

The Disadvantages of ASUS:

  • ASUS Less in Service Center, it makes the consumers have to wait long for a warranty complaint, not like laptop other brands.
  • ASUSis considered too fast to issue a new type of type that is more expensive than
  • Almost every month ASUS releases its new type.
  • There are several types of ASUS laptops that are not equipped withSoftcase and bags. This makes consumers have to buy them separately.


The Advantages of Toshiba:

  • Already no doubt, Toshiba is one of the leading in the world. It’s just this year’sput slightly displaced by Asus.
  • In terms of high enough price, but certainly supported by several advantages, the product is easy to find, service and spare parts easier.
  • The LCD is among the best in its class. Durable and tough. 4. In terms of design and construction is pretty solid, in some series there is even a protective HDD, so even though fall can still be protected.

The Disadvantages of Toshiba:

  • The Price is quite expensive, butby the support of good service and spare parts are easily obtained.
  • Design: for some people Toshiba laptop designmay be less attractive because not too many variants. But for others it does not matter.
  • Too many models and specs, naming the model is also not clear so muchis confused, and wrong. Consequently the buyer is often mis-chosen, eg Sattelite L745; Sattelite L745 actually there are some spec, which can be distinguished by the numbers behind the a8, such as Sattelite L745-1204 is different from Sattelite L745-1109. Naming like this is a bit confusing.

That was the information about comparison of ASUS and TOSHIBA. Hope this information can be useful for you.


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