Top 5 Essential Oils Brands and Their Company Profile

With more and more people realizing the benefits of essential oils, it’s not surprising to know why there are now numerous essential oils brands in the market. Choosing the best brand might seem daunting especially if this is the first time you are buying.

Just like with buying anything else, it’s important that you do a bit of research. The industry of essential oil is huge and there are hundreds of different brands out there.

Every year, there are new brands that are popping out in the market and it can be hard to tell which brand is worthy of your money. While there are plenty of trustworthy essential oils brands out there, there are also a few of them that are not of good quality and are a total waste of money.

To help you in your search for the best brand of essential oils, here are the top 5 essential oils brands along with their company brand of essential oils

1. Young Living Essential Oils

Established in 1993, the Young Living Essential Oils is based in Utah, USA but with offices in various countries around the world, including Singapore, Canada, Australia, and in Europe. Just like with some other essential oil companies, Young Living markets their products through a structure known as “MLM” or multi-level marketing. This is basically a revenue-sharing model where anyone can become an independent distributor and they can recruit other people to become distributors as well and they earn revenue through their recruits.

Young Living is one of the most expensive essential oils brands on the market today, yet they seem to be the real deal. In terms of quality, the company controls their products right from the start – from the cultivation and harvesting of botanical seeds up until distilling. This gives you an assurance that their products are of good quality. Furthermore, the company applies a steam extraction technique during the process of distilling and applies cold pressing and resin tapping methods on some of their essential oils.

2. Eden’s Garden Essential Oils

The Eden’s Garden is another popular brand of essential oil in the market today. Based in San Clemente, California, USA, the company was established in 2009 with a goal of providing good quality but affordable essential oil products. Indeed, the essential oils of Eden’s Garden are among the most reasonably priced essential oils in the market. They have a set of essential oils containing that costs only $50. This includes a dozen of 10 ml essential oils packed in a nice-looking kit that resembles a medicine cabinet.

In terms of quality, Eden’s Garden controls their products’ freshness and quality by rotating their stocks after every two weeks. This is to ensure that every bottle of essential oil that the customer buys is brand new and comes from a fresh batch. They store the products in a temperature-sensitive room with minimal exposure to light in order to ensure that the essential oils’ therapeutic properties are not compromised. In fact the company has a standard for quality control, “EDENS”, which means Effective, Dedicated, Educated, Natural, and Safe.

3. Plant Therapy Essential Oils

Plant Therapy is one of those essential oils brands known for selling high-quality essential oils at very reasonable prices. The company is based in Idaho and sells their products online through their website and on Amazon. Their products go through a third party testing and have made the test results available on their website. They guarantee that their essential oils are 100% pure and have the finest quality.

Plant Therapy has a solid product line of more than 125 single oils, with 43 sets, 47 blends, 23 roll-ons, 20 carrier oils, 24 diffusers, and all the other essential oil accessories. The best thing about Plant Therapy is that they offer a 100% money back guarantee within 90 days of purchase. If in the event that the products you purchase do not fulfill your needs, you can always return it back for a refund.

4. NOW Foods Essential Oils

Now Foods is a company that was established in 1968 and started out by producing high-quality natural foods and supplements. Today, they are among the leading suppliers of essential oils in the market. Their essential oils are either 100% cold pressed or steam distilled. All their products are pure and therapeutic-grade.

When it comes to the quality of their products, Now Foods has adopted the GC/MS test in order to verify that every essential oil they produce is not only correct oil, but correct species as well. They will ensure that each product contains the exact amount of chemical constituents, as this is the only way to ensure that you’re getting the right product. The best thing about Now Foods is that their products are very affordable. So if you need a good quality essential oil that will not cost you a lot of money, then this would be a perfect choice!

5. Rocky Mountain Essential Oils

Rocky Mountain is another company that sells their products through a multi-level marketing scheme. Founded in 2004, the company provides full GC/MS test results coming from a third party test lab and they also have their own standard for testing which they call SAAFE that stands for Satisfaction, Authentic, Analysis, Free of Adulterants, and Effective and Pure. Their products are USDA-certified and although they cost a bit more than some other brands of essential oils in the market, they are really worth investing for.

Rocky Mountain is also known for offering a 90-day and hassle-free money back guarantee. You can purchase their products directly from their website and their customer service support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to attend to your needs. Currently, they offer 60 essential oil blends and 77 single essential oils.

So these are the top essential oils brands that are slowly gaining popularity in the market now. There are several other brands out there, but it’s important that you do your research before you decide to purchase any of them in order to make sure that you will really get what you are paying for.