Find Out Green Tea Shot Recipe

Green Tea Shot RecipeMaking your own Green tea shot at home will be very much great. You can make based on the Green Tea Shot Recipe in this following explanation. This shot will be very much great for you to have especially in party or even with you colleague. Please prepare 33 oz Irish whisky. This whisky will be very much great for the mixture and you can get the best sensation of drinks. It will be added with 33 oz Peach Schnapps to get the fruity sensation inside the drinks. With 33 oz sours, you can make the tasty shot as you can get in the bar.

From all ingredients above, you still need to have a splash of lemonade. Usually, it will be better to use Sprite. The sprite is recommended since the taste can blend very well to make green tea shot. Based on Green Tea Shot Recipe, you can make it under estimation of 3 minutes. You can put all ingredients inside the cocktail shaker except the sprite. Please add some ice and you can mix all ingredients until it becomes one mixture. After that, you can shake and also strain into some shot glasses. The taste will not be complete without the Sprite. It gives the best sensation of lemonade.

So, before you drink the shot, pour some splash of Sprite for better taste. You can safely drink this shot for your party or in the time with your friends. This drink only contents 60 kcal of calories. You can make it in your home especially after the stressing work with the deadline. It helps you release the pressure that you get from the office. At least, when there is no people understand you, this Green Tea Shot Recipe will help find the drink to release the stress.