Does Ice Help Blood Filled Pimples?

It’s common knowledge that acne is one of the most annoying beauty issues. How not, one acne appears, then the appearance of our face immediately not charming and makes us not confident. In fact, acne can appear in a long time and difficult to be cured.

Not only do the facial appearance is no longer beautiful, acne can also cause pain or even can, make a truce that will certainly make the skin is no longer smooth. To fix this, we can indeed use skin care products. In addition, we can also use other alternative materials such as masks made of fruits, vegetables, or spices, to use fruit ice.

Unexpectedly, ice cubes were able to cure pimple filled with blood quickly enough. If we compress the affected skin with acne with ice cubes, we can even treat acne within a day. This is caused by the ability of acne in treating the swelling of the skin caused by acne. In addition, ice cubes are also able to remove dead skin cells, open the skin pores, as well as help remove various impurities on the skin that can trigger acne.

To compress the acne with this ice cube, we just need to take some ice cubes in the fridge and rub it on the acne skin. The cold sensation of ice cubes was able to overcome the inflammation and rash on acne. Rub the ice gently for 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse the face with cold water.

Does Ice Help Blood Filled Pimples?

If you want to recover faster, we can use natural skin moisturizer such as coconut oil, olive oil, until almond oil after doing compress with ice cubes.

How to Lower Cholesterol

Cholesterol is one of the most prevalent diseases in most Indonesians. The growth of cholesterol sufferers can not be separated from the consumption habits of Indonesian society is not too concerned. Consuming liver, offal, fried food is of course not prohibited, because it puts the taste good. But if too much consume it will cause disease in our body. Is not everything excessive is not good?

Cholesterol itself has also been produced naturally through our liver organ. Basically our body also needs cholesterol obtained primarily from animal foods to form cell walls. But the amount of cholesterol is also not allowed to pass our daily needs. May we eat fried chicken or other meat, but if every day we eat fried chicken, is this good for the body?
What causes cholesterol?

Illustration showing the process of ateriosclerosis

If seen regularly, someone who has high cholesterol levels will not be seen until if a blood test is done. Cholesterol levels in the body can not be seen from body size. Not necessarily a fat person has high cholesterol levels. It could even be a thin person who has higher cholesterol levels. High cholesterol in the blood can cause many diseases such as heart attack, high blood pressure and stroke.

No need to worry too much if you or your relatives have high cholesterol. Because usually if we are too heavy thinking about this cholesterol, it will result in stress and even more make cholesterol increased and high blood. Usually people who have cholesterol will go check to the doctor and after examined the results and then given the drug. But usually this is where the fatal wrong, many patients are then dependent with cholesterol-lowering drugs. Do not we know if medicines are only temporary and not good for the long term?

So it would be better if we open our horizons. A lot around us natural remedies for lowering cholesterol. In fact there are already some potent herbal products that have been tested to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. And easy, does not cause dependence and safe to use long term. Please try to consume some of the following ingredients, check the cholesterol level first to prove the results before and after consuming, whether it is effective or not.
Natural ingredients for lowering high cholesterol

  • Oatmeal
  • Red wine
  • Omega 3 in fish
  • Nuts
  • Avocado
  • Black tea
  • Olive oil

For the description itself is as follows.

1. Oatmeal

Remember the advertisement of one of the Quekeroat foods? Oatmeal contains natural fiber that can help remove cholesterol in our blood. So by consuming oatmeal will help reduce fat and cholesterol that enter our bodies.

2. Red Wine

The fruit is quite expensive this price does have many good benefits for our bodies. No one to buy, the price is proportional to the benefits provided, including to lower levels of bad cholesterol in our body. In a study by The Department of Metabolism and Nutrition at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid found that the consumption of red wine can lower LDL by 9-12%.

3. Omega 3 in fish

Omega 3 has long been known to be very beneficial to our health. Especially for children who are in its infancy. Salmon, tuna are some sources of omega 3.

4. Nuts

Peanuts do have many benefits for our health. Beans contain fiber and as the largest source of vegetable protein. Therefore do not miss to consume some types of foods derived from nuts such as tempeh, tofu, almonds, walnuts, soy milk. In addition, one of the most popular in the community is polokyo peanuts.

5. Avocado

Green fruit with very sweet fruit flesh turned out we can use to lower cholesterol levels in our blood. Avocado also contains carbohydrates that help feed us, so for you who are dieting, avocado can be one of the mainstay menu to accompany your diet. In addition, avocados also contain natural fibers that can launch a bowel movement. So with one avocado consumption we will get many benefits.

Health Benefits of Lipton Green Tea

Compared to other green tea products, Lipton green tea is not exactly more beneficial, but it does have some significant benefits for our health. Lipton provides both pure and flavored green tea, with berries, orange, passion fruits, and many more. Every tea bags of Lipton contain no calorie, unless you add extra milk, sugar, or other additives. In this article, we will describe about some of health benefits of Lipton Green Tea that you can get.

The first health benefits of Lipton Green Tea is heart diseases prevention. Many research has been conducted to associate green tea with enhanced heart health, based on Harvard Health Publications. More research is needed to confirm this benefits. However, it is discovered that green tea reduces low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels. LDL is a cholesterol type that will clog in artery walls if it is too much, causing higher risk of stroke and health diseases. Green tea can also boost human immune system, which will help the body to fight illnesses. Based on a research published in 2007 in Journal of the American College of Nutrition, green tea may played a role in the increase of T cells type gammadelta. This type of T cells has the function to fight infection.

Another benefits of Lipton Green Tea is the combination if catechins and caffeine. These substances are type of antioxidant that change the pathway of cell-signaling. These pathway regulate cells to either die, grow, or multiplied. In a systematic reviews of 15 studies published in 2010 in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it was explained that participants given caffeine and catechins had greater reductions of waist circumference and weight, compared to those who only received caffeine alone. To enjoy all of these benefits, choosing tea bag version of the product is advised as it does not go through many process compared to bottle version.

Review Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro – Camera, Audio and Multimedia

Review Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro – Camera, Audio and Multimedia

The only (if we can call it this) negative point on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro. In fact, the camera is not the best and can not return a device definition of the same price range (see Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML). With a 16Mpx sensor, it can take high-resolution (4608 × 3456 pixels) photos and shoot movies in Full HD (1920 × 1080) @ 30fps. During daylight and in a lot of light, the camera behaves as a good one, but as soon as we start shooting in low light conditions, we notice that the colors become clumsy and exponentially increase the noise. On the flash side, however, we have a double flash LED (one white, one amber color) that gives us a strong warm light to use to take our photos. We also have a lot of fun effects to modify our photos. We attach some photos to the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro. Video Player and Music Player are well-structured, as well as the Gallery. The audio compartment, with the rear speaker, gives us a loose and crystal sound with a fair amount of bass and a really high volume. Good amplification with the use of headphones, headphones etc …

Review Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro – Hardware, Performance, Benchmark

This Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro mounts a Snapdragon 650 teknorus, 3GB of RAM (or 2, depending on the variant jack. There are currently two 2GB of RAM 16 internal memory or 3GB of RAM 32 internal memory) and one GPU Adreno 510, which allows you to play all games in a fluid and excellent way. However, there is the ability to expand memory by using a microSD of up to 128GB capacity. We also tested the device making a benchmark on AnTuTu 3D Bench, and the phone returned a score of well 76500 points (equal to Galaxy S6, to say)!

Review Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro – Battery

Let’s talk about the battery now. Nowadays, smartphones point to brute power by neglecting the battery life, but the Note 3 Pro proved to be a power in this field thanks to its 4000mAh Li-Polymer Battery (LiPo) Unfortunately not removable due to the unibody metal body). With medium intensive use (games, calls, messages, multimedia, Facebook, some photos, always connected to WiFi etc ..), we managed to make 7 hours and a half of the screen, which are not quite a few! With a lightweight use (mail, calls, messages, Facebook and some photos) you can reach the 9 hour screen. Just bad!

Noiosa Out, Spectacular Inside!

Noiosa Out, Spectacular Inside!

In this Book of Ideas we will see a home that, behind the simplicity of the exterior, conceals surprises in the interior. The interior designers in this case have played in an eclectic style that holds together classic pieces with modern and functional furnishings, with a sophisticated elegance of fine matrix, for open and perfectly connected interiors thanks to a refined and intelligent distribution. Let’s see them together.

The facade

As we can see in this picture, the façade is very simple, with clear surfaces and a small entrance garden that seems to lead to a one storey building solasbars, with a garage in the basement. As we will see, however, the main development of the house is in the back, hidden right from the extreme simplicity of the façade.

A wonderful open living room

On the back of the house, as mentioned, hide the main environments. Starting with the amazing open living we see in this image, a covered open space directly connected with a small pool with waterfall. The elegant solid wood furniture is accompanied by the detailed finish of the exterior ceramic walls, for an airy and luminous ambience of great elegance.

A spectacular kitchen

In this picture we see the spectacular kitchen. The ceilings are very high and favor the diffusion of natural light coming from the large windows. The dominant white is interrupted by the wall covered with copper plates, rich in texture, for a harmonious and remarkable chromatic and material cleavage. The large kitchen peninsula develops into a white table, for a fluid use of the available volumes.

Perfectly integrated environments

As we can see in this picture, spaces are open and perfectly integrated. Kitchen and dining are met thanks to the arrangement of furnishing accessories, which eclecticly combines classic pieces such as the wooden sideboard with the modernity of the large crystal dining table, with padded chairs covered with gray fabric.

The elegant and eclectic dining room

As we have seen, the eclectic décor of the dining room combines the presence of the glossy and reflective surfaces of the large table, with the classical wooden sideboard. The wall facing the table is adorned by a composition between a large picture and a sequence of small pictures, shared by the exploration of the same chromaticities. The crystal chandelier from the original rectangular shape completes this warm and elegant environment.

The interior living room

In the background, as seen above, there is another interior living room, whose main wall has exposed, porous and rich textures in beige tones. The light of the spotlights enhances the material consistency, accompanied by the presence of a tree that adds a natural touch to the set. The interior eclecticism is reflected in the choice of furnishings, with a low rectangular table of large dimensions at the center of the configuration.

Ideas And Recipes For Children’s Snack On The Beach

Ideas And Recipes For Children’s Snack On The Beach

At the beach and some doubt about the right snacks for children Then here are tips and recipes to use healthy, low-calorie and refreshing foods. Opt for fruit but not only, but also mini tasty and nutritious sandwiches.
Colored skewers

They may seem a bit difficult to handle, but with some child-proof makeup, you can manage to give fruit to your children as a snack. Use icicle slices and alternate pieces of watermelon and walnut; Insert each skewer into a frozen bag and use a fridge bag with dry ice. Your kids will appreciate it.
Yogurt and other varieties

Ideal if you prepare a refrigerator bag is yogurt to drink. Of course, choose the favorite tastes from your children; Wait for them to ask for food and everything will be fine.

Tomato cereal sandwich

Great snack is white bread or cereal with salt, oil and soured tomatoes. It is refreshing and nutritious at the right point.
Homemade chicken dumplings

Prepare chicken fillets by following these instructions

Cook the chicken in little water, half carrot and a little celery
Blend everything and add 1 egg, grated pan and a pinch of salt
Knead and make meatballs
Cook in a non-stick pot with very little oil
Cool and bring them to the cool beach

Vegetable toast


2 slices of toast bread
1 tablespoon of pesto
Thin slices of cucumber, tomato, lettuce
1 thin slice of fontina


Lay a pesto of pesto on both slices of bread
Fill the toast with the vegetable and the fontina
Cook in the electric plate or pan with the lid and, when cooled, wrapped

Recipes for snacks for the most gruesome kids

Prepare a bowl of cooked ham and paprika cubes, to eat as if they were chips.
Pastry salad

Prepare a mix of

Cubed tomato
Dried tuna dripped
French cheese in small pieces
Cook the pastry (butterflies) and, still at the tooth, mix it with the ingredients
Season with extra-virgin olive oil and cool

Rotisserie or striped omelette

Prepare one or two omelettes and strip them; Store them in a lunch door and keep them ready for a cracker snack.

Combine bowl eggs, your Easter border leftover vegetables, and the onion you have garnished with oil mix well
Take a large pan and cover it with baking paper

Cook in a preheated oven at 180 ° for about 10 minutes.


If we talk about laptop, there are many brands of laptops on the market. Because of so many brands, sometimes make us confuse to decide which brand of laptop that we will buy. Now I will give a reference between two laptop brands, they are ASUS and TOSHIBA. Both types of laptops are famous brands. Here’s more information about it.



The Advantages of ASUS:

  • ASUS vendors have been around since the PC Age. So if the affairs of Brand, Asus need not in doubt the quality.
  • ASUSis well-known as one of the best Motherboard Vendors available today.
  • All ASUS Brand Laptops Are equipped with good and qualityVGAs like ATI Redeon and Nvidia. So that’s why ASUS usually used to play the game, because the VGA quality is awesome.
  • ASUS Is A Laptop That Sold In 58 Countries In The World.
  • Getting Many Awards As A Laptop With The Best Durability.

The Disadvantages of ASUS:

  • ASUS Less in Service Center, it makes the consumers have to wait long for a warranty complaint, not like laptop other brands.
  • ASUSis considered too fast to issue a new type of type that is more expensive than
  • Almost every month ASUS releases its new type.
  • There are several types of ASUS laptops that are not equipped withSoftcase and bags. This makes consumers have to buy them separately.


The Advantages of Toshiba:

  • Already no doubt, Toshiba is one of the leading in the world. It’s just this year’sput slightly displaced by Asus.
  • In terms of high enough price, but certainly supported by several advantages, the product is easy to find, service and spare parts easier.
  • The LCD is among the best in its class. Durable and tough. 4. In terms of design and construction is pretty solid, in some series there is even a protective HDD, so even though fall can still be protected.

The Disadvantages of Toshiba:

  • The Price is quite expensive, butby the support of good service and spare parts are easily obtained.
  • Design: for some people Toshiba laptop designmay be less attractive because not too many variants. But for others it does not matter.
  • Too many models and specs, naming the model is also not clear so muchis confused, and wrong. Consequently the buyer is often mis-chosen, eg Sattelite L745; Sattelite L745 actually there are some spec, which can be distinguished by the numbers behind the a8, such as Sattelite L745-1204 is different from Sattelite L745-1109. Naming like this is a bit confusing.

That was the information about comparison of ASUS and TOSHIBA. Hope this information can be useful for you.

Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier Use and Benefits

cargo carrierHave you ever see a big thing on the top of the car? It could be wide, or just the small one depends on the need. Therefore, the car’s passengers can sit nicely, and they can bring their equipment comfortably because they have a lot of spaces to put their luggage. Do you know the name of the item? Hitch mounted cargo carrier is the name of this item. This item is more aerodynamic than roof mounted because it operates the vehicle. It has less wind resistance and allows the better gas mileage, so you can save more money. Now, check your need and get the benefits.

The first thing you have to prepare is a trailer hitch. Hitch mounted cargo carrier fits one of two trailer hitch sizes 1-1/4″ for class 1 and 2, and 2″ for class 3 and larger. This item is also carried slide easily into the square receiver opening. Some types of this item are platform cargo carrier which becomes the most basic and the common type of cargo carrier. There is also flat, open and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you pay attention to its detail, you will know that some of them have a folding function. Some of the platform types have solid base trays, and another has grated trays. Some of them are made of lightweight aluminum and others made of durable steel.

Based on its benefits, we may conclude that it has lots of benefits for our car and passengers. We can have more times to traveling without worry about missing some stuff because we have a lot of spaces to bring the complete equipment. We also do not need to worry about our gear because this item will not damage the gear. Check the collection on its official website and get the best price.

Camo Diaper Bag: Which One is Better?

diaper bagFinding the perfect diaper bag is not always easy. Therefore, you have to consider your need and the style you love. If you want to look casual, choose the normal bag like camo diaper bag. Why did I say it is normal? Well, the style of it and the design are nits indicate it as the diaper bag. People will think if you bring your necessities only and you can reuse it in any moment. The good bag is the one that will not let you go in non-balance position. It means you do not need to use your baby as the balance in one hand and the bag in your other hand. If you have an energetic toddler, you need a simple bag that you can put in the stroller or in the shopping bag.

Just for your recommendation, you may have a backpack. It looks like a regular backpack. The main difference is its extra pockets because it is used to hold wipes and the changing pads. How about messenger style? Some people know it as the sling bag with its one strap can be carried on a shoulder. You also can use it across your chest. It can be popular in men, but it is unisex in general. Choose the one with adjustable shoulder strap, so that you can hold a laptop and put the baby’s necessities in its plenty pockets including insulated one. How about tote camo diaper bag?

Well, although looks like an overgrown handbag, this bag also has some extra pockets and more spaces to be your area. You can put cell phones and more in it. Some of them come in many variations. You can check its availability in your favorite bag store. You will find the best material too and remember to choose the washable one because the baby will be easy to make a bad spot there.

Bruno Magli Shoes and It’s Stories

Bruno Magli shoes have been brought to their most devoted customers throughout its 80 years history. Bruno Magli itself is an Italian luxury brand specializing on shoes and leather goods for men and women. This brand has been the favorite choice of many celebrities, royals and other fashion elites and has been committed to continuously explore and develop its heritage by reinventing opulence essentials for a new generation.


Bruno Magli shoes were born in the basement of trio Marino, Mario and Bruno brothers’ house in Bologna, Italy in 1936. Those three siblings established this small business after learning the art of shoemaking from their grandfather. Their footwear products showed a unique flexibility and functionality, as well as their fine leather materials. By the launch of Magli Shoe Factory (Calzaturificio Magli), they had become the Magli trademark and successfully defined their industrial debut.

Shortly after World War Two in 1947, the company built their first manufacturing facility and expanded their men’s line of shoe products of famous Bruno Magli moccasin.

In 1969, Bruno Magli moved to a larger, more modern factory in Bologna, a city it continues to occupy today. From the 1980s onwards, the Magli company opened over forty retail stores in America, Australia, China and Europe, where they started a new direction in women’s business and adding handbags, apparel, accessories and leather goods to the line.

In 2001, this company is acquired by the Luxembourg-based investment fund Opera, half owned by Bulgari for to be sold in 2007 to UK private equity fund Fortelus Capital, and in 2014 to Swiss Da Vinci Invest fund. In January 2015, Marquee Brands LLC acquired the Bruno Magli brand and related intellectual property assets from Bruno Magli S.p.A. Marquee Brands, a brand acquisition, licensing and development company.

Now, this luxury brand corporate office is headquartered out of Marquee’s New York City offices with production process Italy.