Noiosa Out, Spectacular Inside!

Noiosa Out, Spectacular Inside!

In this Book of Ideas we will see a home that, behind the simplicity of the exterior, conceals surprises in the interior. The interior designers in this case have played in an eclectic style that holds together classic pieces with modern and functional furnishings, with a sophisticated elegance of fine matrix, for open and perfectly connected interiors thanks to a refined and intelligent distribution. Let’s see them together.

The facade

As we can see in this picture, the façade is very simple, with clear surfaces and a small entrance garden that seems to lead to a one storey building solasbars, with a garage in the basement. As we will see, however, the main development of the house is in the back, hidden right from the extreme simplicity of the façade.

A wonderful open living room

On the back of the house, as mentioned, hide the main environments. Starting with the amazing open living we see in this image, a covered open space directly connected with a small pool with waterfall. The elegant solid wood furniture is accompanied by the detailed finish of the exterior ceramic walls, for an airy and luminous ambience of great elegance.

A spectacular kitchen

In this picture we see the spectacular kitchen. The ceilings are very high and favor the diffusion of natural light coming from the large windows. The dominant white is interrupted by the wall covered with copper plates, rich in texture, for a harmonious and remarkable chromatic and material cleavage. The large kitchen peninsula develops into a white table, for a fluid use of the available volumes.

Perfectly integrated environments

As we can see in this picture, spaces are open and perfectly integrated. Kitchen and dining are met thanks to the arrangement of furnishing accessories, which eclecticly combines classic pieces such as the wooden sideboard with the modernity of the large crystal dining table, with padded chairs covered with gray fabric.

The elegant and eclectic dining room

As we have seen, the eclectic décor of the dining room combines the presence of the glossy and reflective surfaces of the large table, with the classical wooden sideboard. The wall facing the table is adorned by a composition between a large picture and a sequence of small pictures, shared by the exploration of the same chromaticities. The crystal chandelier from the original rectangular shape completes this warm and elegant environment.

The interior living room

In the background, as seen above, there is another interior living room, whose main wall has exposed, porous and rich textures in beige tones. The light of the spotlights enhances the material consistency, accompanied by the presence of a tree that adds a natural touch to the set. The interior eclecticism is reflected in the choice of furnishings, with a low rectangular table of large dimensions at the center of the configuration.


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