Luxurious Minimalist House

Home will be very important for you who have married. That’s where you start a new life with family members. The benefits of home itself is a place to gather with a variety of daily activities. Thus home comfort will be an important part to be considered. With limited land you can of course build a luxury minimalist home. There are various types that you can choose. Starting from type 45, type 60, type 72, type 90 and many more.

One of the luxurious minimalist houses suitable for limited land but still seem luxurious is a house with type 45 with 2 floors. Type it is classified as a luxury minimalist home. Selection of 2-storey house will certainly provide its own advantages for your home development budget plan. By building a 2-storey house of course you saving the budget in buying land. Compared to a single-storey minimalist house, type 45 with 2 storey minimalist house has more room that can be functioned as backyard patio, dining room, or other.Luxurious minimalist house

The main difference in the type 45 single-story or two-storey minimalist house lies in the width of each room and also the number of bedrooms. In a luxury minimalist house on type 45 with 2 floors you can freely arrange and decorate the room. Usually room on this type of house is living room, family room, dining room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, terrace, garage, and also warehouse. Thus the use of the room can be more effective. Of course, by having a warehouse, your house will be more neatly arranged and feels more freely in doing various daily activities.

In building a 2-storey house, it is important to note the quality of raw materials used. Given Indonesia is a country prone to earthquakes and other natural disasters. Besides that in the construction of luxury homes minimalist needs to also be adjusted to the budget you have. Thus the review of luxury type 45 luxury house with 2nd floor. Hope can be a reference for you.


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