Kenzo, Leon and Lim In The Closet Of Sailor Moon

Kenzo, Leon and Lim In The Closet Of Sailor Moon

Change of pace. With Kenzo collection FW 2016-17, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim suddenly change their source of inspiration and direction from the sport adapted to urban style pass the imaginative world and a bit ‘careless of post teenagers who like to feel adult.

The character of Sailor Moon, his awareness and his very feminine approach to fashion frame kacamata rayban super, has led us to think of a silhouette with empire cut very often built with the details and the heads of lingerie and underwear, they say inventors of coolness period of Kenzo.

So, the character born of a teenage souls and become a manga series of successful, inspiring a collection consisting of pieces of wardrobe with shared characteristics the shoulder, pleated, nightgown, bows knotted and empire cut, that often is formed through a closed belt knows a big buckle under the breasts.

The more you get part of the collection, however, is composed of more pieces strong, such as a vinyl dress worn over a white blouse from connect curled up (which looks a bit ‘to those nightgowns puritanical), coats closed with belt under the breast, a schoolgirl dress-shirt and all the dresses and shirts with raised shoulder and curled, symbol even that which comes from lingerie or the blouses of Renaissance paintings.

A major step change that can also be perceived in the choice of location and the mood of the parade. No more large industrial sheds in which to build animated and mechanical sets, but the very French intimacy of the Salle Wagram, a place of concerts, musical recordings and momentous dances of the Countess of Wagram and, then, the famous Bal Wagram Napoleon Bonaparte, hall beloved recording from Maria Callas and George Pretre, the location for scenes in many films such as the Lover, Dancing Dancing, High Heels. Place, in short, very old and very French, perhaps, a prelude to a longer period in the French LVMH brand led by Leon and Lim Americans. And maybe that’s why they hailed America with the national anthem at the beginning of the parade. We will see the next stagione.Che appears carefree because it is ruled by a conscious thought on the need for a fashion that expresses moods before and then the awareness of what you are.

The climb to the Palace continues to be a side entrance that gives access to the Boutique Hotel with seven suites renovated and decorated by architect Marco Costanzi (see the service output of Style Magazine Corriere della April) evening and the restaurant Zuma, arranged on two floors plus a terrace.


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