Ideas And Recipes For Children’s Snack On The Beach

Ideas And Recipes For Children’s Snack On The Beach

At the beach and some doubt about the right snacks for children Then here are tips and recipes to use healthy, low-calorie and refreshing foods. Opt for fruit but not only, but also mini tasty and nutritious sandwiches.
Colored skewers

They may seem a bit difficult to handle, but with some child-proof makeup, you can manage to give fruit to your children as a snack. Use icicle slices and alternate pieces of watermelon and walnut; Insert each skewer into a frozen bag and use a fridge bag with dry ice. Your kids will appreciate it.
Yogurt and other varieties

Ideal if you prepare a refrigerator bag is yogurt to drink. Of course, choose the favorite tastes from your children; Wait for them to ask for food and everything will be fine.

Tomato cereal sandwich

Great snack is white bread or cereal with salt, oil and soured tomatoes. It is refreshing and nutritious at the right point.
Homemade chicken dumplings

Prepare chicken fillets by following these instructions

Cook the chicken in little water, half carrot and a little celery
Blend everything and add 1 egg, grated pan and a pinch of salt
Knead and make meatballs
Cook in a non-stick pot with very little oil
Cool and bring them to the cool beach

Vegetable toast


2 slices of toast bread
1 tablespoon of pesto
Thin slices of cucumber, tomato, lettuce
1 thin slice of fontina


Lay a pesto of pesto on both slices of bread
Fill the toast with the vegetable and the fontina
Cook in the electric plate or pan with the lid and, when cooled, wrapped

Recipes for snacks for the most gruesome kids

Prepare a bowl of cooked ham and paprika cubes, to eat as if they were chips.
Pastry salad

Prepare a mix of

Cubed tomato
Dried tuna dripped
French cheese in small pieces
Cook the pastry (butterflies) and, still at the tooth, mix it with the ingredients
Season with extra-virgin olive oil and cool

Rotisserie or striped omelette

Prepare one or two omelettes and strip them; Store them in a lunch door and keep them ready for a cracker snack.

Combine bowl eggs, your Easter border leftover vegetables, and the onion you have garnished with oil mix well
Take a large pan and cover it with baking paper

Cook in a preheated oven at 180 ° for about 10 minutes.


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