How To Improve The Garden 3 Ideas For A Small Patio

How To Improve The Garden 3 Ideas For A Small Patio

If you have a beautiful outdoor space but still do not make the most of it, do not waste time and get to work next weekend. You will be amazed by the effects you can get with the deck.

It is a material that combines easily with many solutions jual rumput sintetis, is practical and does not require great maintenance. It will also allow you to make really creative work that will enrich your garden from an aesthetic point of view but above all functional.

To inspire you (and to convince you of how beautiful it is) we chose three examples of wooden platforms that have greatly enhanced the look of the gardens where they are inserted

Ready Let’s start!

Solution 1 – a delimited floor

An exterior floor can have many exits it can be a new relaxation area or the perfect place for a summer dinner or a splendid solarium.

However, it is important to choose a surface material that can withstand some elements such as moisture, and high extreme temperatures. This particular terrace is constructed with treated wood boards to ensure maximum protection.

Solution 1 – Build the base

Every great project always starts from the base, in this case made of wood and sand panels which guarantees stability and solidity to the elements.

Solution 1 – laying the boards

When the base is securely secured (perhaps with nails as well), also go to the top of the panels.

Solution 1 – safe, natural and spacious

With all the nailed boards in place finish the area by grooming the lawn and perhaps by inserting a gravel path. You will have an elegant and much more welcoming environment.

For more information, you can look for the one that offers the best solution for you.
Solution 2 – warm and fascinating

For our second example, we present a layout of a very different terrace. Although this footboard is also covered with wooden boards it is definitely very different from the previous example.

Let’s see how it was done.

Solution 2 – the project

After cleaning the area that will receive the platform, a gravel base is laid to prevent the grass from growing inside the structure. The gravel also marks the boundary of how the bridge will appear.

Solution 2 – the skeleton


Just like the previous example, on the base was laid a structure made of wood panels on which the aisles will rest.

Note how close the support elements are, to get the most solidity.

Solution 2 – laying top boards

Now you can position the horizontal axes, but they have not yet been shaped to make the emodifications and thus get the desired structure.

Solution 2 – perfect cut

All irregularities are cut and honed to give a perfectly smooth curved shape to the peninsula.


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