Noiosa Out, Spectacular Inside!

Noiosa Out, Spectacular Inside!

In this Book of Ideas we will see a home that, behind the simplicity of the exterior, conceals surprises in the interior. The interior designers in this case have played in an eclectic style that holds together classic pieces with modern and functional furnishings, with a sophisticated elegance of fine matrix, for open and perfectly connected interiors thanks to a refined and intelligent distribution. Let’s see them together.

The facade

As we can see in this picture, the façade is very simple, with clear surfaces and a small entrance garden that seems to lead to a one storey building solasbars, with a garage in the basement. As we will see, however, the main development of the house is in the back, hidden right from the extreme simplicity of the façade.

A wonderful open living room

On the back of the house, as mentioned, hide the main environments. Starting with the amazing open living we see in this image, a covered open space directly connected with a small pool with waterfall. The elegant solid wood furniture is accompanied by the detailed finish of the exterior ceramic walls, for an airy and luminous ambience of great elegance.

A spectacular kitchen

In this picture we see the spectacular kitchen. The ceilings are very high and favor the diffusion of natural light coming from the large windows. The dominant white is interrupted by the wall covered with copper plates, rich in texture, for a harmonious and remarkable chromatic and material cleavage. The large kitchen peninsula develops into a white table, for a fluid use of the available volumes.

Perfectly integrated environments

As we can see in this picture, spaces are open and perfectly integrated. Kitchen and dining are met thanks to the arrangement of furnishing accessories, which eclecticly combines classic pieces such as the wooden sideboard with the modernity of the large crystal dining table, with padded chairs covered with gray fabric.

The elegant and eclectic dining room

As we have seen, the eclectic décor of the dining room combines the presence of the glossy and reflective surfaces of the large table, with the classical wooden sideboard. The wall facing the table is adorned by a composition between a large picture and a sequence of small pictures, shared by the exploration of the same chromaticities. The crystal chandelier from the original rectangular shape completes this warm and elegant environment.

The interior living room

In the background, as seen above, there is another interior living room, whose main wall has exposed, porous and rich textures in beige tones. The light of the spotlights enhances the material consistency, accompanied by the presence of a tree that adds a natural touch to the set. The interior eclecticism is reflected in the choice of furnishings, with a low rectangular table of large dimensions at the center of the configuration.

17 Projects to Enrich the Garden with Stone

17 Projects to Enrich the Garden with Stone

When we speak of stone, we talk about one of the primordial building materials, rich in fascination that dates to remote times. Still today, however, its use can find a dimension in the definition of external spaces. Chromatic, material, shapes and texture richness represent an added value capable of adapting to new styles and configurations. In this Book of Ideas we will see 17 projects of our expert landscaped garden where the gardens are enriched thanks to the stone and its versatile and refined presence. Let’s see them together.

For a natural corner

The exposed stone walls form the backdrop of a suggestive natural corner, which sees the presence of a large tree at the center of a rectangular fountain.

Stone for the waterfall

Rectangular stones for the small waterfall that adorns the pool, a sophisticated and rustic touch at the same time to enrich the exteriors.

An insert in the wall

An inlay stone insert with vegetation, a rustic touch for the garden of powerful strength.

For the fountain

A corner full of greenery, among lush plants and flowers, and a wall-to-wall fountain emerging from the stone surface that delimits the garden.

For entry

A large entrance, full of contrasts and harmonies between different materials. Rectangular stones are a fascinating background, enhanced by the interior lighting project that provides spotlights directly embedded in the floor to project light beams on the stone surface rich in shades and sizes.

An amazing three-dimensional composition

An astonishing composition of dark stones, almost a three-dimensional wall that allows to exploit and enhance the reflections of light coming from the pool, for a spectacular decorative solution.

A stone arch

The entrance to the house that we see in this image is made up of an open stone wall in an arc of entrance. The classic architrave structure fits naturally in a modern setting, among plants and lush hedges, enriching it with a touch of rustic beauty.

Stone for walls and stairs

In this picture we see a stairway with staircases covered with colorful and varnished stones, framed by the solidity of the light stones that surround the outer wall.

Stone path

The path that sinuously runs through the garden we see is made up of the juxtaposition of irregularly shaped stones.

The stone for the inner courtyard

An inner courtyard made out of the exposed stone surfaces that surround the outside of the house. The vegetation of the small garden attached to the wall and the elegant white garden furniture complement a cozy and fascinating space.

20 Great Ideas to Keep the Order in the Kitchen

20 Great Ideas to Keep the Order in the Kitchen

The kitchen can create love and hate. Love because it represents one of the most intimate and used spaces of the house, convivial space and preparation and consumption of meals where you spend most of our day’s time. I hate why keeping a space so used and articulated in its organization is a tough and almost daily fun engagement. The key, then, can be in the organization, so it’s easier to keep the order. From the design work of architects, who have to take into account all the requirements, from preparation and consumption, to cleaning and ordering, Let’s see together as well.

Drawers with compartments

For better organization, you can focus on the customization of the compartments inside the drawers, organized according to your needs.

Removable shelves

Removable shelves a perfect space-saving solution to keep order in a modern kitchen like the one we see in this image.

Bases with intelligent shelves

There are still clever shelves for cooking extractable and deeply developed so that you can make the most of the available space.

Removable shelves of all sizes

An example of the effectiveness of a removable sliding shelves system, to maximize the depth and capacity of cabinets.

And removable shelves for stubby spaces

If the available space is limited, removable sliding shelves such as the one we see allow us to take advantage of the most impervious spaces.

Modular structures and built-in appliances

In this picture we see a modularly equipped wall where appliances are recessed as integral wall elements.

Structure at sight

When the budget is limited and house architecture allows, you can point to shelves and shelves that allow for accessibility and immediate availability of utensils and crockery.

Moving drawers of any shape

Drawers of every shape, as long as they can move, can enrich the interior of wall units and bases with new solutions, so that everything can find a precise space.

Extractable angles

Another solution to make the most of the spaces and maintain a perfect order in the kitchen removable corner shelves for crockery to make corners useful.

Removable shelves with intelligent handles

Ergonomic and intelligent handles for orientation, to effectively and comfortably follow the movement of extractable shelves.

Custom made

In this picture we see custom-made wall mounts suitable for ceiling motion, to take advantage of every inch available with shelves and shelves.

4 Steps To Help You Plan The Most Successful Vegetable Garden

Starting a rose garden can be a relaxing and rewarding experience, especially while planting such a beautiful flower. Everything from the color of the roses, to quantity and arrangement can be completely up to you, turning your rose garden into a living, growing piece of art. Roses can also have a significant meaning to people and become symbols of beauty and life. If you are planning to start your own rose garden, there are a few things you should learn about the planting and care in order to ensure healthy, growing flowers.

home acessories and furniture

There are several things you must take into consideration before even purchasing your bloomed roses or rosebuds for your garden. One thing you have to consider before starting a rose garden is how much work you want to do while planting and arranging the garden, as well as how much time you want to spend maintaining your flowers and ensuring your rose garden grows healthily.

If you decide to buy potted plants, to transfer easily into your garden, the planting process is slightly easier than planting bulbs. It gives you an idea of how to space the flowers and how it will look as the roses grow. Planting bulbs can be a bit trickier, as they require good spacing between each other and proper depth in the soil or they may not grow.

4 Steps To Help You Plan The Most Successful Vegetable Garden Layout…

Whether planting bulbs or potted roses, both require frequent watering and healthy earth to ensure successful plant growth. See what type of soil you currently have in your rose garden because healthy soil is essential to flower growth. Sometimes you may need to use fertilizer or scatter fresh soil about, depending on the quality of your gardening area and the soil that exists there.

When planning a rose garden, you should also take into consideration the type of roses and how many you plan to put in your garden. Examine the garden area beforehand and decide how many flowers you actually have room for. Many people make the mistake of crowding too many flowers together in one garden, which can hurt the flower’s growth process by over-crowding.

Clear the garden area of any obstacles and properly rake the soil to prepare it for planting to give you a good indication of how many potted plants or rose bulbs to purchase. Also, don’t forget to observe where and when the sun hits your planting area for your garden. Along with healthy, moist soil, roses need at least four to six hours of sun exposure each and every day for them to flourish beautifully.

There are several things you should take into consideration when gardening, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult experience when beginning to plant new flowers. Many people have found tranquility and a sense of satisfaction when starting a rose garden visit home acessories and furniture blog.

Mastering in Landscape, step by step

Landscaping design Manchester defines beautifully altering the features of a location of land and also designing region. Altering landforms, components like nature, structures and buildings, and also lighting are all elements of landscaping design.

Landscaping Companies Near me

Landscaping services in Manchester can do a variety of things to modify your lawn and garden. Before you can begin gardening, you’ll need supplies to obtain by. Buy as well as prepare seeds, tools, gloves and other garden stuffs. The practice has a inventive, design led approach, emphasizing the development of meaningful locations with sensitivity to the wants of client as well as finish users. The practice includes a track record of projects for a variety of customers from, social housing providers to private men and women, commercial customers as well as community groups.

Mastering in Landscape, step by step

Mission Landscaping Manchester is a premier organization transforming ideas into reality. The commitment is to supply customer service satisfaction and also the utmost in high quality to consumers in Manchester and the surrounding region. They have instituted countless measures to insure that every client receives the steady degree of landscaping design excellence that every person need to expect.

They function as courteous as well as excellent professionals. They contain committed staff whore component of a team that will take on the difficulties that arise from multifaceted projects. From landscaping design installations, professional landscape lighting, huge scale irrigation work, to solving drainage problems.

The company can offer the man power needed to get the job carried out. The best duty would be to supply Manchester as well as surrounding areas with a landscaping design organization that’s dependable, trustworthy, and cost effective. You are able to trust to utilize the best goods as well as perform at the highest level of quality all at a value that’s fair and also competitive.

Two types of tools that could aid in your garden A garden basin is not merely for ornamental use as well as it also plays a role in the biodiversity of ones garden. The gabion is really a large container full of soil for erosion prevention and construction building. Setting up a basin filter is essential if you wish to have crystal clear water within your garden basin all year long. Choose the system bearing in mind the size of the basin and its use which includes a water supply, a fish pond, etc.

Landscaping Manchester is each a science and an art that demands excellent design skills. Its not one thing that anybody can do as well as is typically undertaken by trained specialists. A good landscape design business will often strategy a landscape on a computer very first. To produce you proud of a design created to reflect your private vision.

The expert team is devoted to enhancing the beauty as well as utility of ones private refuge and also actual estate investment. You’ll be able to be reassured that the knowledgeable, expert staff is going to give you the best. Whether or not you’ve got a comprehensive landscape plan prepared for construction or maybe need layout consultation can help you accomplish your desired outcomes.

You can check Landscaping Manchester in locations like Oldham, Rochdale and Manchester. To enquire and discover out a lot more please use our get in touch with type.

The Secret Tips to Choose Stones For Landscaping

Landscaping your garden is a very stress relieving activity most especially when you are really fond of the outdoors. You can create anything that you want for your garden. Whatever theme or design that you have for your garden you will probably be using stones to accentuate and add to the ambiance of the whole garden. Read on and learn a few tips that you can follow for choosing the right stone for your garden landscaping needs.

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First, consider if you want to go for natural or manufactured stone. You can use both but the natural stones are better if you want to have the color to last longer. Natural stone though are much heavier and thus makes it hard for us to work with. For manufactured stones they have a lighter weight which makes them easier to handle. This is the primary reason why it is used for indoor landscaping.

Number two, choose from uncut or cut stones. You can actually go for uncut stones for their natural and raw dimensions that can accentuate your garden. If you are going to be using small stones for a footpath then it is best that you go for uncut natural stones. It will lend a natural look for your foot path. It is best to go for natural uncut or manufactured cut or uncut stones for table tops or wall accents.

And last but not least, make sure that you know which stones to use. Stones can be used to build a flowing fountain in your yard or accents for the path. It is best that you utilize stones that are natural in color to ensure that they will blend in with your garden. If ever you will be using these stones for a fountain, it would be better if you can purchase manufactured ones so that they will fit the fountain precisely.

You have just read some of the things that you need to know about your landscaping stones. It would be a good idea if you can know what the stones are for so that you will be able to maximize it fully. You would do well to have stones which are fitted perfectly. Make sure that you follow these considerations so you will have a beautifully landscaped garden.

For any landscaping service you need see us at our landscapers Boulder company. We also serve the surrounding communities with our landscaping contractors Boulder service.

How To Improve The Garden 3 Ideas For A Small Patio

How To Improve The Garden 3 Ideas For A Small Patio

If you have a beautiful outdoor space but still do not make the most of it, do not waste time and get to work next weekend. You will be amazed by the effects you can get with the deck.

It is a material that combines easily with many solutions jual rumput sintetis, is practical and does not require great maintenance. It will also allow you to make really creative work that will enrich your garden from an aesthetic point of view but above all functional.

To inspire you (and to convince you of how beautiful it is) we chose three examples of wooden platforms that have greatly enhanced the look of the gardens where they are inserted

Ready Let’s start!

Solution 1 – a delimited floor

An exterior floor can have many exits it can be a new relaxation area or the perfect place for a summer dinner or a splendid solarium.

However, it is important to choose a surface material that can withstand some elements such as moisture, and high extreme temperatures. This particular terrace is constructed with treated wood boards to ensure maximum protection.

Solution 1 – Build the base

Every great project always starts from the base, in this case made of wood and sand panels which guarantees stability and solidity to the elements.

Solution 1 – laying the boards

When the base is securely secured (perhaps with nails as well), also go to the top of the panels.

Solution 1 – safe, natural and spacious

With all the nailed boards in place finish the area by grooming the lawn and perhaps by inserting a gravel path. You will have an elegant and much more welcoming environment.

For more information, you can look for the one that offers the best solution for you.
Solution 2 – warm and fascinating

For our second example, we present a layout of a very different terrace. Although this footboard is also covered with wooden boards it is definitely very different from the previous example.

Let’s see how it was done.

Solution 2 – the project

After cleaning the area that will receive the platform, a gravel base is laid to prevent the grass from growing inside the structure. The gravel also marks the boundary of how the bridge will appear.

Solution 2 – the skeleton

Just like the previous example, on the base was laid a structure made of wood panels on which the aisles will rest.

Note how close the support elements are, to get the most solidity.

Solution 2 – laying top boards

Now you can position the horizontal axes, but they have not yet been shaped to make the emodifications and thus get the desired structure.

Solution 2 – perfect cut

All irregularities are cut and honed to give a perfectly smooth curved shape to the peninsula.

6 Ideas for Entrance to Having Positive Energy at Home

6 Ideas for Entrance to Having Positive Energy at Home

The entrance area of ??each home represents what we are and we want to convey as soon as we enter the home. For those who believe in positive energies, entry is a symbol of harmony and balance that then propagates throughout the home, leaving out the door of negativity and thoughts. In this article we go to see some types of input from which to get started, to have a home from positive energy at the first glance.

The flowers

The lily is a flower that in addition to its beauty expresses and releases positive energy, filtering and eliminating the negative one. For an input zone where you breathe positivity this is a really effective solution. White lilies will not only make the atmosphere fragrant and cozy, but they will bring a breath of serenity.

The light

Illumination is a factor not to be forgotten for a respectable input. If you can take advantage of the daylight, the effect will surely be more natural, but if you can not, there are several ways to make the entrance even with artificial light. What matters is not having dark environments to avoid negative energy within the home.

A mirror

The mirror can be a complement of great value that makes the entrance a real welcome space. Its qualities are two to eliminate negative energies thanks to its reflective power and to propagate the light in the surrounding space uniformly. A mirror hanging on the wall or filling an entire wall will make your entrance more balanced.

The semplicity

In a practical and functional entrance a good idea may be to introduce a wall cabinet, placed in the continuity of the front door or in the immediate vicinity. Yes to add decorative elements, but without surpassing it to not weigh the space. Not to be forgotten, the practicality of this area from which you have to spend every day entering and leaving home.

The soft colors

If you are facing a modest entrance you do not have to be scared. The most important advice is to resort to soft colors, white and natural shades. This helps visually make the space look larger. In the case of entrances where the spaces allow it, one can think of the use of colors, always without abusing it.

An aquarium

An idea of ??great effect is also to put an aquarium at the entrance to the house. Not only as an element that makes the atmosphere more elegant, but also to invoke, with the help of stones inserted into the water, positive energies. One thing to remember is the weekly water change.

Luxurious Minimalist House

Home will be very important for you who have married. That’s where you start a new life with family members. The benefits of home itself is a place to gather with a variety of daily activities. Thus home comfort will be an important part to be considered. With limited land you can of course build a luxury minimalist home. There are various types that you can choose. Starting from type 45, type 60, type 72, type 90 and many more.

One of the luxurious minimalist houses suitable for limited land but still seem luxurious is a house with type 45 with 2 floors. Type it is classified as a luxury minimalist home. Selection of 2-storey house will certainly provide its own advantages for your home development budget plan. By building a 2-storey house of course you saving the budget in buying land. Compared to a single-storey minimalist house, type 45 with 2 storey minimalist house has more room that can be functioned as backyard patio, dining room, or other.Luxurious minimalist house

The main difference in the type 45 single-story or two-storey minimalist house lies in the width of each room and also the number of bedrooms. In a luxury minimalist house on type 45 with 2 floors you can freely arrange and decorate the room. Usually room on this type of house is living room, family room, dining room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, terrace, garage, and also warehouse. Thus the use of the room can be more effective. Of course, by having a warehouse, your house will be more neatly arranged and feels more freely in doing various daily activities.

In building a 2-storey house, it is important to note the quality of raw materials used. Given Indonesia is a country prone to earthquakes and other natural disasters. Besides that in the construction of luxury homes minimalist needs to also be adjusted to the budget you have. Thus the review of luxury type 45 luxury house with 2nd floor. Hope can be a reference for you.