What is your advice for people who are considering plastic surgery?

Attractive and charming is everyone’s dream, especially women. Standards of beauty for everyone was different. So that not infrequently the majority of Indonesian women are willing to spend very much to get the perfect look to perform plastic surgery.

According to data from the Hospital for Special Surgery (RSKB) Bina Aesthetics, Menteng, Central Jakarta show plastic surgery rhinoplasty (nose surgery) is the most widely performed action. Then followed by blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), breast augmentation (breast enlargement) and liposuction (liposuction).

Anyone who do one thing certainly not without reason, megan fox plastic surgery .All actions performed on a human being must be based reasons, including when a person wants to perform plastic surgery. This operation is an operation categories are quite extreme as it aims to change the form of one or more organs or body parts, especially outside of the body or parts that appear visible. Both women and men, basically have the same reasons in terms of doing plastic surgery.


As for the reason or background of a person to undergo plastic surgery operations including the following:

  • Against the backdrop of a disability 

There are many people who do not just want a pretty or handsome, but simply because a case is considered by a person is a must. Many people think of disability experienced since early childhood or at birth is a defect that needs to be improved to match the positions of others more fortunate to have a perfect body shape. One way to fix this is by way of plastic surgery. This operating step with motivated by disability is not too much as well as many people who found themselves handicapped from birth, but remain grateful and accept the situation and think do not need to take the path of surgery.

  • Against the background of an accident 

An accident is an unexpected and certainly not expected by anyone. When someone has an accident, especially a severe accident, it will give you a scar. The scar is exactly what makes the reason for some people to do a plastic surgery to restore the situation as it was before the accident.

  • Against the backdrop of a necessity 

Human needs are indeed diverse, both women as well as men. One of the needs is to appear interesting, especially in terms of body shape and form parts of the face. In other words the need to look beautiful for a woman and played tampa for men. Both women as well as men, some of them decided to get the body shape and a perfect face according to yourself is by means of plastic surgery operations. Then, the things their aspects influenced to do surgery is because of the need to want to pretty and handsome.

Choosing to undergo surgery is an important decision and can not be taken lightly. You should choose a doctor who has a good reputation and be ready to explain all the necessary patient information, such as plastic surgery procedures, health checks, and the risks that can occur. Therefore, patients must be carefully and thoroughly choosing a doctor. A good plastic surgeon always give time to communicate with patients. There should be in-depth consultation and understanding of plastic surgery procedures to be passed by the patient. This is done so that the results of plastic surgery does not disappoint or patient harm.


Nowadays, most people do plastic surgery to beautify the appearance of which is considered one instant way to support your beauty. But often there is plastic surgery that led to the failure . So this makes the face more strange and unpalatable. Before deciding to perform the operation, the following are the side effects of plastic surgeryfor health:

  • Bleeding

Some time after the surgery is complete, usually the patient will bleed. If the bleeding does not stop immediately course this will lead to complications and blood pembekuaan. Blood clotting that occurs will make the skin color to purple or blue-black. In medical terms, it is called a hematoma . Continuous hematoma can lead to other problems such as infection.

  • Anesthesia reaction

The side effects of plastic surgery next is the reaction of anesthesia . As you know when a surgical procedure lasts much needed anesthesia or certainly the most referred to an action for pain relief while undergoing surgery or operation. Someone who has a particular medical history may require a longer time to respond. Not only that, such person may also experience more serious reactions in the vital organs such as the heart. A common reaction experienced by a person after surgery are nausea, vomiting and loss of consciousness for too long.

  • Nerve damage 

Besides bleeding and anesthesia negative reactions, side effects of plastic surgeryalso suffered nerve damage. If this is the case, then the body after surgery will experience numbness or nerve damage.

  • Blood clotting

Blood clots usually occur after surgical procedures performed. As a result of this will make a person undergoing surgery should not be moved during the recovery process. In addition, if a blood clot occurs in vital organs such as the heart or brain, this would require a very serious medical treatment and can be harmful to the patient.