Achieve the Gorgeous Vacation Hair with Your Best Travel Flat Iron

There was a time that the fashion for straight hair really goes boom into the what is trending and most of the ladies are into that. for those who have naturally straight hair, this comes in very handy for them, but for those who have the curls, the kinks and the loops, well, they have to do something about it to achieve the straight, sleek look.

Achieving a straight hair today is very easy. Women will just go into the saloon and have their hair done by the professionals. But you need some flat iron to do the maintenance work especially when you are out and

Why the Need for Flat Iron During your Travel

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to pack that flat iron of yours if you are going to travel. Here are some of the reasons I could think of.

Good Hair Day

Who would not want to maintain a good hair day at anytime of the day. Each of us wants to look good always and if there is a group of hair or strands of hair that is not behaving according to style, then it is going to be a bad hair day. In that case, a flat iron that is readily available for you will do most of the trick.

Weather Conditions

The weather condition of some places will really drive you mad sometimes. Some places will make your hair dry, untamed and very difficult to manage. You have to know the weather condition of the destination that you are going and if you need to bring your flat iron with you in this travel.

  • Guidelines in Choosing the Best Flat Iron for Travelling Purposes
  • Size Matters

The size of the plates as well as the size of the iron itself is something you have to take into consideration when getting yourself a flat iron for your travel needs. You need to know details of your travel so you know which flat iron to take, whether it is the one who can do tricks with your fringes and hair ends which is relatively smaller or the full set which is quite bigger.


Most of the companies that produces hair products are now producing flat iron that are dual in voltage. However, you might still need to buy or carry along with you an adapter depending as to which country you are going. Older models of the flat iron might take quite a while to heat up compared to the new models, so you might consider bringing the newer model with you.

Cord or Cordless

There are a lot of flat irons now in the market that are cordless but this is actually depends on your preference. The thing with cordless is that, you can carry it with you anywhere you want to or wherever the position of the mirror. On the other hand, flat iron with cables have to be near an electrical output or source for you to use.


The weight of the flat iron can take much from your luggage plus the size also, so you have to make sure that it is lightweight so you will not consume your weight allowance for your luggage or suitcase. However, if you do not have much issue on weight then you can just bring the standard size and weight of the flat iron for your travel needs.

How To Pack-Up Your Flat Iron

Packing up your flat iron can be tricky sometimes because the risks of getting burned is quite high. Aside from that, you might also damage your flat iron if you do not know how to pack it properly.

Flat Iron Pouches or Heat Resistant Matts

There are a lot of ways to prevent your flat iron from melting and that is securing heat resistant pouches where you can use to put your freshly used, hot flat iron just in case you do not have the time to cool it off before packing. This are actually quite a bit pricey.

Silicone Oven Mitt

On the other hand, if you are very keen on the prices, you can try using the silicone oven mitt and slip the gadget inside. Technically, all the kitchen pot holders can be used, but the silicone is much more preferred as it can touch hot items up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit without burning or melting. In addition to that, you cannot also feel a bit of the heat escaping through the silicone itself, making it cool to the touch.

Advantages and Disadvantages of bringing Flat Iron For your travel


Bringing your own flat iron for your travel is very convenient for you as you do not need to scout your destination as to where you can have your hair fixed or as to where you can buy a flat iron for your use. You already have it with you, just plug it and use it.


No matter what is the size of your flat iron for your travel needs, it will still take up space and weight on your luggage. So before determining if you are going to bring one, check first if you do really need one in the place where you are going.


Looking good will always be somebody’s priority and if bringing a flat iron with you while you travel will make you feel good about yourself, then so be it.

There are just few guidelines that you need to consider in getting yourself a flat iron for your travel needs. Also, you need to know how to properly pack your flat iron for your safety and to avoid damaging the flat iron that you have.

You also have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of bringing a flat iron and decide from there if you really need to bring one on your travel.


How to Choose A Personalized Toiletry Bag

If you’re into traveling, then you are aware that the toiletry bag is one of the most important travel accessories to have. Investing in a personalized toiletry bag is a great idea. With this bag, you’ll have your own uniquely designed toiletry bag that’s different from the rest. You will have the option to choose the design and look that you want and you can even have your name or initials printed in the bag if you want to! This is great for those who are traveling with friends and don’t want to have a hard time identifying their toiletry bags from their peers!

LalaTravel Toiletry Bag

The personalized toiletry bag is also a great choice if you want to give a gift to someone special who is into traveling. You can have the person’s name imprinted in the bag or have the bag made according to the personality or lifestyle of the person you’re giving the gift to. But given the many different types of toiletry bags in the market today, how then do you choose a personalized toiletry bag to buy?

Read on to find out some tips.

Types of Usage

A toiletry bag is essential for traveling. It helps to ensure that you’ll remain well groomed and properly sanitized during the entire time that you’re in your destination. Depending on the personalized toiletry bag that you will buy, the bag should allow you to easily organize your things in a well-efficient manner while moving from one place to another. Thus the first thing you need to think about when looking for a bag to buy is the type of usage.

Choosing the most proficient toiletry bag will usually depend upon the usability type. This should vary according to the weight capacity, size, cost, type of travel, and the length of travel. You need to put all these things into consideration in brief. When it comes to the size, there will be lots of options available for you to choose from. The LalaTravel Toiletry Bag has the right size, with a dimension of 9.1″ x 7.1″ x 3.5. This bag is not too big and not too small either.

If you are someone who travels regularly, you need to look for a personalized toiletry bag that could serve you in all situations and locations where you will be traveling to for a more relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Capacity and Size

Most travelers, especially women, have the tendency to bring with them a wealth of necessities when traveling. This is something to take into consideration when shopping for a personalized toiletry bag. The size and capacity will mainly depend upon the amount of items that you’ll be carrying for your trip. You can settle for a small toiletry bag if you’re only going for a short weekend trip. Understandably, if you’re going for a long journey that would take several days or weeks, then a bigger toiletry bag is what you’ll need.

The best thing about using the LalaTravel Toiletry Bag is that it features spacious and roomy compartments. Aside from a clear pocket, it has two mesh pockets and an even bigger pocket that you can use for storing bulky items like bottled shampoo, lotions, and other grooming essentials. Whether you are going for a short trip or a longer trip, the LalaTravel Toiletry Bag is an ideal personalized toiletry bag.

Material and Cost of the Bag

When looking for the best toiletry bag, the cost is an important factor for most people. While many travelers would not mind spending hundreds of dollars for a toiletry bag, there’s really no need to spend this much if you can find a more affordable toiletry bag that has all the features that you need. For instance, the LalaTravel Toiletry Bag is a durable and high-quality toiletry bag but you’d be surprised to know that this bag costs around $7 – $9 only! Furthermore, the bag is made from a waterproof nylon fabric that’s guaranteed to last longer.

Despite the fact that the LalaTravel Toiletry Bag is cheap, it does come with a 1-year warranty and a 90-day return policy. If the bag gets damaged within only one year of purchase, you can get it replaced for free. On the other hand, if after buying you realize you don’t like the bag, you can always return it for a refund for as long as it’s within 90 days of purchase. That is such quite a good deal for a personalized toiletry bag that costs only $7 – $9!


Waterproofness is one of those features that customers looking for a toiletry bag would need to consider. This feature makes the bag sustainable and last for a much longer time. Remember, you will be using the bag to carry cosmetics like soap, shampoo, shaving gel, and some other products that have the tendency to spill, so you need a waterproof bag that can contain this mess. Furthermore, you may need to use the bag in a washroom for most of the time, which makes it susceptible to water splashes.

When it comes to a waterproof toiletry bag, the LalaTravel Toiletry Bag is highly recommended. As mentioned, it’s made from a high-quality waterproof nylon material. Therefore, no matter how often you use it, you can be sure that it will last for a long time even if it’s exposed to constant water splashes and liquid spills.

So these are the tips on how to choose a personalized toiletry bag that you can use for your travel. There are thousands of different toiletry bags in the market today and deciding which one to buy is a daunting task. But you do not really need to spend so much time and effort in looking for the right toiletry bag. The LalaTravel Toiletry Bag has all the features that can make your travel journey more convenient and hassle-free. And if you don’t want to spend a lot of money for a toiletry bag, then this bag is even perfect for you!

What Are Some of the Essential Oils That Are Perfect for Hand Creams?

Hand creams and lotions contains lots of ingredients, formulated and blended together to help combat dryness, cracks and roughness on our hands. Some brands rely mostly on chemicals to hydrate the skin.

These chemicals are considered safe for human use but there are some quarters, beauty experts and most especially DIY enthusiasts who prefer to use hand creams and lotions that are either 100% all natural or contains essential oils to keep their hands  smooth, soft and supple.Hand Creams

Here are some of the best essential oils for hand creams

Lavender is considered to be one of the most versatile and the most popular essential oils in the world. It is an aromatic evergreen shrub that belongs to the mint family. The essential oil in lavender can be used to treat anxiety, fungal infections, hair loss, wounds and clean cuts and bruises.

It can also be used to treat skin infections like mild acne, psoriasis, wrinkles and other skin inflammatory conditions. When used properly, it can speed up the healing process of wounds and cuts and sunburns. Lavender essential oil is also added with chamomile to treat eczema. When used as an ingredient in hand creams, it can improve the texture and tone of your hands, as well as leave a smooth and supple complexion. Actually the use of lavender essential oil is endless.

1. Avocado Oil

The oil found in avocadoes is essential fatty acids. These are monounsaturated oleic acid akin to olive oil’s Omega-9 EFA. It has numerous uses and has a lot of benefits for our skin. When used as an ingredient in our hand creams or mixed with your favorite beauty products, the avocado oil can help moisturize our hands and protect our skin from the harmful UV rays, acting like a sunblock. It can relieve your skin from minor irritations and soothe it. The avocado’s essential oil has lots of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that will help your skin stay young, smooth and elastic. It is best for those suffering from itchy skin, chapped and dry hands. It can effectively hydrate and moisturize very dry skin, and protect it from further damages.

2. Ylang-ylang essential oil

It can help revitalize and soothe senses. It is also said to work well with cardiovascular, endocrine and hormonal systems as well as releasing feelings of anger, irritations, nervousness and stress. This oil is derived from the flowers of a tropical tree and is used in many popular fragrances and perfumes. When used in hand creams, it can deeply nourish and moisturize the skin, leaving you with a smoother, supple younger looking skin. Mixed with other oils and natural ingredients like virgin coconut oil and Shea butter, the Ylang-ylang essential oil can be absorbed by the skin faster and can rehydrate your skin fast like a super-moisturizing agent.  If you like a sweet fragrance on your hands, the Ylang-ylang oil leaves a sweet seductive scent on your skin while keeping smooth and soft.

3. Coconut Essential Oil

This essential oil is used to lessen several skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and dandruff. Like virgin coconut oil, coconut essential oil can reduce inflammation and can effectively moisturize the skin. When mixed with other essential oils, the coconut essential oil can work beautifully against dry hands. It helps rehydrate the hands, locks the moisture and allows quick healing. It also has antimicrobial, antifungal and analgesic properties. Aside from being a good hydrating agent, coconut essential oil carries a more powerful scent that can provide a refreshing feels when you rub it against your skin. Coconut Essential Oil blends well Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, lime and Vanilla oils.

4. Jasmine Essential Oil

A sensual oil that can provide refreshing feels and at the same time can repair skin damages caused by harmful UV rays. It has an anti-ageing property making it a winner for people who wants younger looking skin. It can also uplift, relieve tension and depression, and increase well-being. Some people believe that Jasmine essential oil is a natural aphrodisiac, stimulating passion and desire. When used as an ingredient in hand creams, it gives you a soothing and calming effect while hydrating your skin. Jasmine essential oil goes well with Coconut essential oil, lemon, mandarin, Ylang Ylang, rose and sandalwood.

Word of Advise, Always Double Check the Label

Actually there are a lot of essential oils which can be used in hand creams. These oils are effective against dry parched and scaly hands and skin.  They can be blended for your homemade hand cream or lotion, and some of these oils are already being used by numerous hand cream companies. However, just like any other beauty products, you should check if you are allergic to any of these oils before using it. Natural or organic as they may be, it is best to test if it is suitable for you. Or if you are allergic to any of these essential oils, it is ideal to use other essential oils instead or product which does not contain the oil you are allergic to.

Final Thoughts about Essential Oils

If you are trying to make your own hand creams using essential oils, make sure you know the exact amount needed. You should know how to dilute the oils and what oil goes well with what. Otherwise, it may not be appealing to use or worse can cause skin problems. Also, know when you made your DIY cream. Make sure it has not passed its expiration date. Using an expired product may have adverse effect on your skin.

If you have no time creating your own hand cream with essential oils, there are a lot of companies selling all natural hand creams and lotions. They guarantee that their products have passed strict quality control, and have been researched and tested to give you a smooth and supple hands naturally.

Bonus Tip

If your skin is suffering from damages, hand lotions and creams may help you rehydrate the skin on your hands. However, if dryness and damages still exist despite using all kinds of hand lotions and hand creams, it is advisable to seek professional help.