11 Melon Benefits For Health and Beauty

Melon discount a very distinctive flavor and contains a lot of water so it is suitable to be consumed while the weather is hot. You can consume the fruit of this one by the way in juice or be eaten, according to the taste alone. Besides having a lot of water content, melons also contain a variety of other vitamins such as vitamin A, C, collagen, adenosine, a compound electrolytes and antioxidants which is very good for health.

Well, anyway melon problem in this article I will discuss what are the benefits of the fruit of this one. Curious let’s consider just below the benefits of lemon for health and beauty.
Lemon Benefits For Health and Beauty

Melon Benefits For Health and Beauty

1. Healthy eyes
Not only carrots are good for the eyes but the melon is also great for your eye health because stau fruit also contains vitamin A. By eating a melon every day then 25 percent of your vitamin needs will be met. In addition, melon is also good to help the growth of teeth and bones of children.
2. Preventing cancer
Cancer is a disease that is dangerous and at risk of death. But before the disease strikes you, we can prevent it only by eating melon. Vitamin content in melons, especially carotenoids are able to make the body stronger to fight against cancer.
3. Counteract free radicals
Melon is very rich in antioxidant flavonoids such as betakaoren, zeaxanthin, lutein and cryptoxanthin. These compounds are very help protect body cells from free radicals. The ability of these compounds can be helpful in protecting the colon, prostate, endometrial, and lung. Simply by eating a melon every morning then you will avoid the problems of various health problems.
4. Healthy Skin
The problem that often occurs in the skin is dry skin due to exposure to the sun continuously. To overcome this, you can use the melon as a solution, the content of collagen in these fruits can affect the structural integrity of cells in all tissues of the skin. The compounds are also functioning in accelerating wound healing and maintain skin firmness. By regularly eat melon, will make the skin appear more smooth and moist.

5. Lose weight
For those of you who are on a diet, then eat melon fruit because the fruit is very suitable for people who want to lose weight while in town. This is because the sodium content in the melon is very low, not only was it even melon also fat free, cholesterol free, and low in calories. In addition, eating melons will make you feel full and reduce hunger because of the very high water content.
6. Preventing stroke
Melon contains potassium, which helps control blood pressure in the body so that it can keep you from the risk of stroke. Melon fruit is also low in calories and fat, so safe to be consumed by anyone, including people who have diabetes.
7. Preventing diabetes
In addition to preventing stroke, melon also efficacious to prevent or overcome diabetes disease diabetes that you suffered. Melon able to control blood pressure and regulate sugar levels in the body. It has been mentioned above that the melon fruit is low in calories and low in fat is excellent when consumed by people suffering from diabetes.
8. Good for digestion
Fiber and plenty of water on melon fruit can also help digestion. So, for those who have problems in his digestive then can try to consume melons as a solution. You can eat them directly or can also be made juices.
9. Brightening faces
Not only efficacious in warding off diseases. Melon also be efficacious for the beauty of the body, for example brighten the face. The water content contained in the melon create a fresh sense of the body. When you take a bite of melon, water contained in this fruit will make the skin become brighter as they clean the dead skin cells thoroughly.
10. Preventing heart attack
Benefits melon can further prevent the occurrence of heart attacks. The content of adenosine in this fruit can stop clots in the circulation of blood cells that can cause dangerous diseases such as heart attacks. The workings of adenosine compounds are in circulation so that the red blood cells remain normal.
11. Eliminate the black spots or black spots
Melon fruit can also refresh the face while eliminating black spots on your skin. Black spots or black spots can be caused by frequently work outdoors and exposed to direct UV rays. To overcome this, you can make a melon as a face mask.

The way you need to do is very simple, first separate the melon flesh with the skin. Then thinly sliced melon flesh, after it wraps slices of melon with gauze or thin cloth. Then put on the face are black felk to rub it slowly. Let stand about 15 minutes, only then you rinse your face with clean water and then please dry your face with a clean towel.

That’s the benefit of lemon for health and beauty which may rarely known by many people. How do you start like this one fruit from now?


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